We have tried to transfer the aroma and power of the herbs into our handcrafted triple distilled GALLI’S GIN 45% London-style. Enjoy the power of juniper, coriander, citrus and orange berries, guinea pepper, chamomile, and other botanicals that make our gin unique. The blend of 11 herbs and spices chosen for our gin will really get you going, and the aromas and flavors will accompany you long after you finish your drink. A real treat full of aromas and flavours that will transport you to a meadow in bloom… …just a delight you don’t want to lose. Taste with us and see.

Gin is best enjoyed with an ice cube or with tonic (40 ml GALLI’S GIN, 80 ml high quality tonic). The gin may become slightly cloudy as it cools. This is caused by the aromatic oils from the distilled juniper, which precipitate at temperatures below 7 °C but dissolve in the heat. As with all our spirits, we recommend that gin is not chilled.

No artificial colours, flavours or flavourings are used.

45% vol.
500 ml & 200 ml & 50 ml
539,- Kč 500 ml